week #9 personification poem

My basketball has the power of a stalyon

It has the strength of the golden state bridge

It can always bring me joy

It goes splash like a rain drop

I can always count on it to win me the game

It has a best friend named hoop

It can fly like an airplane

Every time it gets swatted it gets back up

I love my basketball

week #8 Digital Footprint

My Digital footprint is a positive footprint I don’t have anything negative on my footprint and i’m not a bad kid who would ever do anything bad. My parents probably  put pictures of me when I was little but that’s not bad. I have social media but its clean I don’t have anything bad. Well that’s my digital footprint I hope you liked it.

Week #5

            My family has traditions throughout the entire year. One tradition is that we always go to the snow and hang out with my family. Another one is that we decorate cookies for Christmas and open one present before christmas morning. And we always decorate eggs on easter then we go to my aunt’s house. We usually go to the lake and watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

           We always go to sunriver with my cousins and family and we go for a week and we usually go camping a lot in the summer too. Those are some of my traditions with my family I hope you like it and I hope some of your traditions are as fun as mine.

Week 3 – Basketball

María-Conde-dedos Juan Pelegrín via Compfight

As the ball touches my fingertips

I get the feeling that I can do anything

The clock is ticking my time is running

Everybody is screaming I got overwhelmed

I got the feeling I can shoot it so I took that chance

My heart was pounding I did it I did it

As the ball went in it was silent all I could hear was the swoosh of the ball hitting the net